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Pool Noodle Spelling

I made this activity quite a while ago after being inspired by Your Therapy Source’s blog post (http://yourtherapysource.blogspot.com/2011/11/visual-tracking-and-bilateral). Since I am a school therapist, I put letters on everything! I had a little video of this activity, but it was too large to download into this post.

Pool Noodle Spelling



OT Skills this Activity Targets:

-bilateral motor coordination

-visual motor skills

Materials/Equipment Needed:

-pool noodle

-sharp serrated knife (I found this type of knife works best to cut a pool noodle)

-duct tape

-Permanent Marker


Instructions to Make the Activity:

Cut the pool noodle lengthwise with knife. Use duct tape to attach the ends of the noodle to form a circle. Make sure the tape does not go in the groove on the inside of the noodle. Write the alphabet with the permanent marker in order with even spaces between letters.

How to Play:

Place the marble inside the groove of the pool noodle circle. The student holds the pool noodle with both hands and slowly turns the noodle for the marble to stop on each desired letter. If the student does not hold the noodle level, the marble will fall.

How to Grade the Challenge

-Hang a list of spelling words on the wall so the student has to use eye convergence and divergence (focusing between near and far objects).

-Set a timer to increase the speed of the bilateral movements.

-Have the student stand on a balance board or other unstable surface while completing the task.

-Verbally state a list of random letters to find in order to address working memory.